We have a new date for our next London Fashion Shoot Experience: 7th September 2013. This will be held at the 12th-century Church of St Bartholomew, a most exquisite historical location in the heart of London. The church, still functioning, is used often in Hollywood movies and TV alike. Our last shoot at this location in Feb of 2013 was a great success and St Barts is quite possibly the most special venue that we've used.


ONE DATE: Saturday 7th September 2013

Price per place is £495 GBP (inclusive of taxes)

10 places available, including Miss Aniela's spot.

The day will have 5 shooting slots and 5 shooting hours. The day runs from 9am to approx 6pm. The astounding location will be complete with 5 stunning models, and rich, high-calibre styling from the creative genius stylist Minna Attala who has previously worked on our shoots at Lordship & Shipwright's. 

We have lighting equipment on every set-up, including Priolite flash with triggers, and constant (Lupolux HMI/LED) lights. Also provided is breakfast and lunch. Best of all, you get full rights release to all the images you take. 



Photographers arrive at 9am for a welcome chat, breakfast, and tour. We discuss the day ahead, lighting, gear and let everyone settle in. Everyone is put into pairs, and once styling is complete and you're set with your first model, the clock starts at roughly 10.30am and the day begins: five, hour-long shoots. 

The day is strategically scheduled so you can let us take care of logistics and get creative for the day! In your photographer pairs, you are ensured one full hour with each model. Any minor delays on styling are always taken into account on the clock. If you're new to the event, get a better idea by watching the video below!

We send you a full info PDF in advance of the shoot which covers everything in more detail. Early booking advisable due to the number of people on the 'waiting list'! Places secured by full payment. Full payment terms will be sent with your invoice.

To apply please email contact@fashionshootexperience.comYour place is confirmed upon full payment.  

We look forward to welcoming you at the St Barts' Church! 


Stylist's moodboard below...

"lacy, floral, golden baroque style, with a hint towards the Dolce & Gabbana glamorous religious references, but keeping it feminine and verging on opulent". 

ABOVE: Image from my Surreal Fashion series, Mothership, shot at St Barts.

BELOW: Story 'Holy Smokes' by Miss Aniela published in Slave mag in May '13, shot at St Barts.

ABOVE: Check out the video of our last shoot in this location. Please note that the styling will be different from our last shoot. Every shoot of ours is a whole new aesthetic adventure, but the creative interpretation always aims to bring the character of the particular location alive. (Moodboard indicated further above).

BELOW 2 IMAGES, AND IMAGE TO LEFT: "Fashion/HDR fusion"! Images by David Stoddart / Arthakker on our last shoot here.
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